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Virginia Cotton

Dear Manager I had a booking for Saturday 12th December which unfortunately l have had to cancel. Turkish Airlines have us the wrong information at the airport and announced there would be a delay of 1 he 40 minutes then at the last minute they changed their minds and the plane left without earning their passengers. We were not the only passengers to be affected by Turkish Airlines incomptence. I realise that I Had to cancel my booking with you by the 9th December but this was beyond my control. I love in Istanbul. I am a teacher there and this has not happened to me before. Is there any way you can refund some of my money for my booking? Kind regards Virginia

Fikret Eraydin

Ben o taraflara çalıştım harika bir görüntüsü var oteliniz gerçekten süper. Inşallah oraya gelmek nasip olur.

Ziyaretçi Defteri